Friday, February 17, 2012

Product Review: Peter Rabbit Organics

Peter Rabbit make delicious, organic fruit snacks and veggie blends.  Their fruit snacks are loved by all ages, and our veggie blends are gulped down by hungry little ones. They use the squeezy pouches to make eating healthy food easy and fun....

When they started Peter Rabbit Organics they made 3 promises: that everything we make would always be 100% organic, 100% healthy (no added sugar, no added salt and nothing artificial) and always taste 100% delicious. To learn more about Peter Rabbit Click learn more

christina's voice:
My daughter loves this type of organic food, she doesn't know it has a full serving of veggies or fruits in it which is a good thing. They have a screw off top that can be put back on if they needed to be saved for later. They come in variety of flavors and are very healthy for you and your little ones.

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