Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review/Giveaway:Got 'em!

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Christina's voice:
I happen to have some family over when i received my package in the mail. So that when i seen it was the game  Got 'EM! I curious on how to play and it looked like so much fun. This game is for 2-4 players. The men didnt' want to play so it was just me and my sis-n-law. We read the directions and they were easily broken down step by step process on what to do. Its really basically following what your cards tell you to do, and you just go from there. The goal of this game is to trap the other player, with a total of four walls where they can't make anymore move. Then once they are trapped you yell " Got 'EM!" and do a little dance. with only two people playing it really wasn't all that fun, but i can only imagine having two other people playing i think it was would have more of a blast.

Total number of players: 2-4
Age group 8+
Playing time : about 30 mins
Retail Price:$28.00 Buy now or Locate on where to buy

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  1. I've been seeing good things about this game. It looks really fun.
    I'm stopping by and following on the stalker hop.