Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: SnapSac splurge and shoppe

SnapSac is a division of 1 Bag at a Time, Inc., a leading supplier of reusable bags to grocery stores, businesses, governments, schools, libraries and community groups. At 1 Bag at a Time, Inc, we are committed to social, environmental, and economic responsibility. We strive to live our values every day, and bring you a tote bag that is fashionable and socially responsible, just like you!
We see SnapSac as the next evolution in reusable bags. We created it to renew excitement about what a bag could be and should be. Our goal was to give you style, quality, and responsibility—all for about the price of a latte.
SnapSac grew out of our desire to listen to consumers. We survey our customers to find out what people really want in a tote bag, and we continue to make listening to consumers important for future improvements and evolution to our products.

Splurge super tote
Christina's voice:
The splurge super tote is very nice. the price is unbeatable as well. i love the fun colors its 24'W -16.5H" -10"D
So its not to small or not that big, its more in the medium size bag. I love that it even has a inside pocket. When you are done you can fold it up and put it where ever you want.
Buy now for only $4.50

Shoppe Grocery tote

Christina's voice:
I love this bag as well because its more long than fat ( if that even makes sense) Has a snap button on top to keep whatever you decided to put into it. Size: 12.5”w x 17” h x 8” g These bags are 35% thicker than your normal shopping recycled bags. It also can be folded up and put wherever.
Buy yours today only for 2.99
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