Saturday, January 14, 2012

review mally beauty

As a young girl, Mally began experimenting with color and makeup on her mother, an incredible beauty who undoubtedly served as her inspiration. Motivated by her parents, both doctors, Mally pursued a pre-med education, yet she never abandoned her inner passion for art, makeup and fashion. Luckily, with encouragement and inspiration from mentors (including fashion stylist team Mathu and Zaldy, and celebrity hair stylist Danilo, whom she met while designing for Kalinka), Mally soon put aside her pre-med education to pursue her ultimate dream – exploring the power of makeup. Read more
Christina's voice:
Ultimate performance professional foundation comes in a adorable pink shiny tin case. it goes on smoothly and give you that natural look, so it doesn't look like you have make up caked up. which is a good thing.This product says it comes with an unique Japanese applicator that allows you to apply to your face but mine did not, i contacted the company about this and she said it doesn't come with one. so beware when you purchase this product have your own applicators on hand.

Comes in 5 different color tone shades
Retail value $40.00

Christina's voice:
Ever color starlight waterproof eyeliner wasn't what i picked out but I'm an eye liner freak i love eye lines i rather have the ones that you just twist and it comes up but i got stuck with the one you sharpen, luckily i have a sharpener. This product is waterproof.This product does hold up to its word, it last all day and its waterproof.

Color- 16 different colors
retail value- $15.00 buy now

Christina's voice
Mally's waterproof voluming mascara. This product does give your lashes that extra boost that they do need. the applicator end is kinda small to what I'm use to but it will be able to get every last eye lash. oh did i mention this product is also waterproof.

Retail $20.00 buy now

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