Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Enjoy Professional hair care

The ENJOY Line
ENJOY Professional Hair Care proudly offers a full range of sulfate-free and pH balanced and stable hair care and styling products.
ENJOY was the first on the market to opt out of using sulfates, which is the informal name for a group of cleansing ingredients called alkyl sulfates. They are typically used as an inexpensive detergent or degreaser in other personal care products and have been found to dry out the skin and hair and even cause irritation.
In addition to being sulfate-free, ENJOY knows that pH balanced and stable products are key for optimum hair color retention. Human hair resides in the pH 4.5-5.5 range, but most products on the market are pH 7 or greater. Besides leaving the hair feeling dry and brittle, the higher pH in these other products raises the cuticle and causes hair color to fade shampoo after shampoo.
To provide long-lasting color and complement hair’s natural pH balance, ENJOY works hard to make certain that their products stay within the pH 4.5-6.0 range. Extensive bake tests are also conducted on the line to guarantee pH stability, which ensure consistency in quality and product performance.

christina's voice:
Thermal Spray is used for people who use the hair dryer or flat iron more than other. This product helps from damaging you hair. It comes in a spray bottle and it kinda smells and feels like hair spray. This helps the heat from damaging you hair so much

Shine spray is something i never really used because i have oily hair and i just figured it would make my hair more oil-er This product comes out in a mist like for made to give you hair a little shine. To me it made my hair oily like i thought it would. Comes in a spray form like bottle. smells great!

Luxury conditioner and shampoo. These product are amazing they gave me that professional clean like when you first go and get your hair done. You always wonder what they are using but scared to ask. Well that's how this product made my hair look and feel.



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