Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Electric wine opener

                       Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener
                                   with Removable Free Foil Cutter

Christina's voice:
I have never seen a electric wine opener. This product is designed to stand vertically with out the need of a base, so i think it looks really nice just sitting in the cabinet or container top. This product makes it easier to open with just a touch of a button. This will open up 40 bottles, all on a single charge. What i thought was neat it has a illuminates with soft blue light while you use it or while its on charge. Step by step First use the included foil cutter to remove the seal. Second its really easy ti push-down button which removes the cork. Third a simple push-up button releases the cork and then your ready to pour up your wine.

  • Colors available: black, RED, silver
  • Price: $19.99 off amazon.com buy now
Ozeri will be giving one of these away in the all for love valentines day event so be on the look out!!!

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