Saturday, December 3, 2011

review: Tommy the Turtle art print

Seven years ago we had our first grandchild. From the moment we saw her, we knew that being a grandparent was one of the best things that could ever have happened to us. Today we have five grandchildren, ages two through seven.
In the thirty years that have elapsed since raising our own children, we've never lost sight of the important role that books, music and video play in a child's early life. As we sought out appropriate material for our granddaughter, we were overwhelmed by the variety of products available. Only after a long and arduous journey did we stumble across the restful bedtime music we'd been seeking in the form of an exceptional music box set that offered soothing sounds for tiny ears. Even though she is now seven, our granddaughter still enjoys listening to what she calls "soft music" while going to sleep. Read more about Little One Books

by Little One Books
This Tommy the turtle art work is great for my child room, we are doing it in all types of jungle,animal theme like characters and the turtle is going to look great on his wall. This art print is created by Fabiola Reina. This vibrant art is colorful, organic and emotional and will add grace and style to any room.(including my son's)

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Wait Little One books not only offer books and Art Prints they offer music as well. So don't forget to check out the music section of Little One books its for all ages and great for your child to get music introduced in there lives.Special thing going on right as you read this post. Buy any TWO Little One Books product and get a FREE CD called  "For the Little One: A Touch of Classical" with your order.By using the promo code " littleone " at the end of your check out.

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