Friday, December 2, 2011

Review: Tbox girl

At the Tbox company, we celebrate everything girl! We are all so busy these days, our company decided to make your life a little simpler. The Tbox is a unique tampon holder, housing up to eight tampons.
Easily attaching to the side of your toilet, the Tbox holder gives your products a chic safehouse. Convenient (and fun!) the Tbox works best with applicator-type tampons.
Teens love the Tbox case for their lockers. On your next trip, throw your Tbox in your bag to protect your products.
Simply white is perfect for everyday use or guest bathrooms. The girlie designs add a little fun to your bathroom, locker or bag.

christina's voice:
tbox convenient,easy access box is a tampon holder for your tampons. This is very good to have because it is true when a woman starts her monthly she's all up under the sink looking for some protection. Look no further, with TBox they are right there hanging on your toilet. ( see on the left) It fits about 7-8 tampons inside and snap.lock shuts. This would not be used for pads because they are way to bulky to stuff down in there, just a little FYI on that. The only dislike is my three year old notice its there and wants it, but if she's not trying to get in the drawers, she's into something.

colors available:
  1. white
  2. black
  3. flower power
  4. pretty n pink ( the kind i have)
  5. wild side
Retail value : $11.00
Store locator:, walgreens, HEB stores

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