Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: Purify shampoo -shampooing

Prevent colour oxidation and remove impurities with this sulfate-free, non-colour stripping clarifying treatment shampoo,essential for maintaining colour-treated hair. The super gentle formula detoxifies, naturally removes odor from hair and frees hair from colour-dulling residue and buildup caused by chlorine, hard water minerals and styling products.

Christina's Voice:
Pureology makes all different types of hair product for all different types of hair. Mine stays oily and i dye it all the time just so that the oil will go away. This purify shampoo really helps my hair from being so oily each and every day. you leave it on for two Min's ( or 20 Min's) if your hair has major build up)and then rinse. No i do not like the smell what so ever. But this product is guaranteed not to let your hair color fade away. This really made my hair color shine.

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