Sunday, December 4, 2011

review Phix energy and sleep

That’s what we think about from the moment we wake up (or at least once our morning Phix Energy has kicked in) ’til the moment we go to sleep (which is sometimes later than we should). In other words, we’re not perfect. But we’re trying.

Phix was started up in the Pacific Northwest, where the winters are long and kind of, well, grey, and where we sometimes found ourselves in need of a little support: a pick-me-up on a rainy morning, an immune boost to stave off a cold, or calming sleep aids to send us off on a great night of sleep. And in the upper-left corner of the country, we like to look to Mother Nature for answers whenever possible.

We believe in natural solutions, but we’re not kooks. That’s why we work closely with top naturopathic doctors and dietitians to help us figure out what to put in our cool little single serving stix. Phix energy drink powders and sleep aids are all-natural, so next time you need some energy or calming sleep aids, think Phix.

Our natural energy drink powders and sleep aids really work. They're different from anything else we’ve found on store shelves. Our Phix powders are entirely natural, vegan, and gluten free. All our energy drink and sleep aid solutions are good for you and of course they’re completely safe.

Christina's Voice:
The Phix sleep is the first one i tried last night, it says take one hour before you are ready to go to bed and its suppose to help you sleep, or fall asleep faster. I know its not healthy but i wish this product was sweeter. I didn't add any sugar like i wanted to, because i wanted to enjoy the real thing. I might end up adding some sweet n low or something tonight. but i think its the chamomile in the product that helps you sleep because i remember seeing that name on my kids night time body wash ( with lavender).
This morning i had decided to skip my coffee and go with the all natural phix energy just to see if it gave me energy. and no it didn't make my heart rush and make me run a  marathon but i could tell a little on the natural energy

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