Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review "My memories"

My Memories has a quickly growing collection of fresh and unique digital kits as well as My Memories Suite, the number one rated digital scrapbook software out there. We have weekly giveaways and challenges on our blog and a new forum
Come stop by and say hello, share your projects, ask questions and get inspired!

Christina's Voice:
This software can either be downloaded or actually shipped to the house. I have always love scrap booking so this is something i fell in love with you can make books, just simple pages, cards whatever you like. They have pre made ones or you can start from scratch. I thought it was really neat. You can add photo's of your family and yourself as well. print them out from your very own PC. Sometimes i can't think of ideas to the premade ones are great for that.

MyMemories Suite is the #1 rated scrapbook software and the best seller at Amazon for a reason. It is affordable and easy to use. MyMemories Suite is also a powerful creative tool. Our tutorials offer some tricks to get the most out this award-winning scrapbook software.

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