Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: Lucky tiger and At last natural products

Lucky Tiger's roots go back to 1927 when P.S. Harris, an amateur scientist, and popular barber in Kansas City, Missouri, created a tonic for the hair and scalp in his basement. He called it Lucky Tiger Tonic. Everyone who visited P.S.’s Barbershop would look forward to their shave, haircut and a generous splash of Lucky Tiger Tonic. It was different and better than other tonics used in those days, and customers from miles around would rave about its soothing effect. As the story goes, P.S.- began to sell the tonic out of his shop, and a few years later, a business associate convinced him that his special tonic would be a big hit in barbershops across the country. So, in 1935, Lucky Tiger was trademarked, and a classic American brand was officially born. Read more about Lucky Tiger.
Lucky tiger shampoo and body wash

Christina's Voice:
The lucky tiger, shampoo and body was cleanse and hydrates your hair and skin. This product smells like peppermint. It has olive oil,coconut and perppermint in it. Comes in a pump bottle which i am a big fan of, so much easier on getting it out of the bottle.
Retail:8Fl oz $19.50 Buy now
Lucky Tiger Liquid cream shave
Christina's Voice:
The lucky tiger liquid cream shave is suppose to soften the roughest beard out there and protect against razor burn and bumps. The product has olice fruit oil, calendula and chomomile. ( certified organic) I have neer seen a shaving cream come in the type of bottle. But my husband tried it out, he said it wasn't that bad as he thought but was different smell that his orginal shaving cream.
Retail 5 Fl oz $18.50 Buy now
Lucky Tiger Muscle rub

Christina's Voice:
The lucky tiger muscle rub can be used from head to feel. This product penetrates and soothes the muscles of course. I remember this product when i was younger my granny had some and she would use it on her legs because they were always sore, i can remeber the smell its crazy this had to of been the stuff she used.
Retail value: 1.5oz $12.00 Buy now

At Last Naturals is a woman-owned company which was founded over forty years ago. Stacey Rosen, who had been closely associated with the business for nearly twenty years, is president and CEO of At Last Naturals. Read more about at last naturals
Vaginal Replenishment gel
Christina's Voice:
This vafinal replenishment gel is not something i had to try out because i dont have this problem, but then again im only 25 years old i dont know when this will ever accure but never know at least now i know i can buy this and its all natural and i can stay young forever. This is for vaginal dryness. This is a water-based product that enriched with vitamin E that helps restore a woman's natural lubrication.
Retail Value:1.5 oz $8.85 Buy now
Wild Yam Meno Herbs
Christina's Voice:
The menopause and perimenopause support is  for all types of women of all ages. I am not currently going through this but i am glad there is somthing out there for it. This could really change a woman's life. it helps replace what nature takes away, returning your body to a natural beautiful balance.
Retail Value: 90 tablets $16.00 Buy now
Christina's Voice:
The inner clean comes in a tablet or a powdered fomula. It is an aromatic blend of herbs and fiber for occasional constipation and cleansing. I dont have a constipation but it is nice to clean myself out every once and while great for a diet plan.
Retail value 2oz $9.00 buy now
pms support

Christina's Voice:
The meopause, perimenopause and PMS support is a product just for me i swear. I have major PMS so watch out but luckily i have found this to help me out.Its actually a cream and you would just rub it on your belly.thighs arm or anywhere you would like twice. This natural balacing cream has exceptional moisturizing properties and assists the body in fighting hot flashes, mood swings and other menopause,pms issues.
Retail value 2oz $16.75 Buy now
cream moisturizer msm
Christina's Voice:
This is just like your normal mousturizer except it more of an all natural product. This has vitamin E in it which is great for the skin.
Retail value:2oz $8.50 Buy now
moisturzing bar MSM
Christina's Voice:
This is just simply a moisturizing bar with aloe vera and vitamin E great for sunburns i would say.
This product has naturally scented and essential oils in it.
Retail value: 3oz $5.95 buy now

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