Thursday, December 8, 2011

review: Cool Canuck

Cool Canuck is the first performance clothing company to utilize CoolCore’s innovative cooling fabrics in all of its apparel and accessories. This new fabric technology incorporates the use of water, thermoregulation, moisture wicking and moisture transport to deliver an instant cooling effect. Unlike other moisture wicking products in the market, our fabrics are NOT chemically treated. The cooling comes from the technology within the fabric.

Christina's voice:
Cool canuk are towel like product that are meant to stay cool for hours, well at least while they are moist. You can pre-activate by putting the cool cloth in the freezer. I think this is a bright idea, i mean there is absolutely no chemicals, crystals or polymers at all. The cooling actually comes from controlled evaporation that is taking place within the fabric. I think that is pretty neat. You can machine wash these but do not use fabric softener because it could clog the pores in the fabric. My man is a metal fabricator so he works in the heat and this is going to be a great product to wrap around his neck in the summer time.

  1. wet it
  2. wring it
  3. snap it
  4. repeat to activate

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