Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review: Blender bottle, Holder and recipe book

The BlenderBottle® Classic™ shaker is the original - the one that redefined the category. Trusted by millions, the the BlenderBottle Classic has quickly become the #1 best-selling portable mixer.
The reason for its unprecedented success? It works. The patented BlenderBall® wire whisk makes light work of your mixing needs, bringing power and portability to your demanding lifestyle. No batteries, no cord, no hassle!

Christina's Voice:
i got the blender ball classic bottle. It comes with this silver like ball ( which is told was made out of wire whisk) You can add your healthy energy drinks and this ball will help it mix up, when you shake it. Easy to clean and east to store.This ball will never rust or anything. Come with a cute little carrying case,which is actually an insulated sling. They come in different sizes depending on your bottle size of course. but so many different styles and patterns to choose from.The 101 Quick and easy Blender Bottle Recipe book, Has lots of healthy ways to make quick meals down to the desserts. all while using your blender bottle. With out this recipe book i wouldn't know what Else to mix beside my morning boost mix.

Retail Value:
Blender Bottle Recipe book $12.99 Buy Now
Insulated Sling for bottle $7.99 Buy Now
Blender bottle classic $8.99 Buy now

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