Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mom's house

Mom's House
Content by Kyle Lowe
I moved up here to be closer to my mom and I ended up taking on a whole new career. You wouldn’t think flipping houses would be a good financial decision but you’d be wrong – right now is a great time to buy and flip up here in Illinois. All of my last year has been spent working on my first flip, a great place with good bones to start with which is what I’ve learned you’ve got to look for. I put in Illinois adt to cap it off but total I added about $30k worth of work. Granite countertops, now bathrooms, a deck out back – lots of things you wouldn’t think about until you lived here but that’s what I did – I bought the house and lived in it while I worked on it. I don’t know that I’d recommend doing this because it is a LOT of work but at the end of the day it’s nice that I’ll have some money to show for it. That’s the American dream!


  1. I always wanted to flip houses! With 5 kids though there was never enough time or money. Now they are grown I'd like to revisit my dream of flipping. Happy New Year!

  2. I admire those who can flip houses, it is allot of work.