Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TV By Direct

Golden Girls
Contributed by Johnny Graves
I searched direct tv channels to see if I could find one of my favorite shows from growing up, Golden Girls. I would watch it every Saturday night as a kid. And it was a ritual whenever I would spend time with my grandmom. Me and her would cuddle in front of the tv and could watch Golden Girls episodes for hours, I swear. Her and my grandpop would spoil me so. They would always give me tastykakes with milk. Oh man, having grandparents is the best. Back to Golden Girls, though, that show was great. But it's funny, because I can't imagine how tv execs ever let it on the air. I mean, can you imagine the pitch for the show. Yeah, we want to do a sit-com about 4 elderly women? In a day, where we are obsessed with youth, and beauty, and all those superficial things, it's surprising it ever got a chance. But I guess it's a testament to how clever the show was. I sure how I can find re-runs of this classic!

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