Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review/giveaway Can do kid Nutition/ energy bar

Can Do Kid was founded by Deborah Luster, Founder/President, former President of Annie’s Homegrown in the fall of 2004 in Mill Valley, California. As a mother of three children, Deborah realized that there was a lack of products for young kids that were inspiring and focused on positive self esteem. As an entrepreneur she set out to fill that void and decided to write a book to inspire children called I Can Do Anything! featuring a neighborhood of CAN DO KIDS. The book became the genesis for a Company and Culture—CAN DO KID, Inc. Read more about Can Do Kids.

Christina's Voice:
I can do anything "book"
I was going to take a picture of these Can Do kid nutrition/ Energy bars but my husband and baby girl chow down on them but i had received four different flavors. I manage to get a bite of one of them which was the chocolate crunch. They are really good ( st least that one was) I was amazed that they were all natural and Gluten free. I am differently going to have to order more, i rather have my little girl munch on these than a candy bar. They have 16 essential vitamins for you in each bar. Also received a book that is titles I can Do Anything   which is a book that shows that kids Can DO anything as they put there mind to it. Life is hard it really is, i have been through allot and this book is so true. You can do anything that you put your mind to and try hard enough. and with these Can do kid bars kids can stay healthy, and get vitamins as well.
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  1. I am following on GFC, and my suggestion is to create more programs for kids to learn about volunteering in their community.