Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: The Skull alarm clock

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Christina's Voice:
This product is acutally smaller than i imagen, but its really unquie and very loud. This extra loud alarm clock has a skull located on the top, and its eyes light up red. My husband is very hard to wake up and a huge deep sleeper, this product is great for him. I bet he wont ever be late for work again at least when it comes to waken up out of bed. This product can be set up to shake as it goes off to. One thing he loves about this product is that it can be hooked up to an MP3 player or Ipod. This product can either be plugged in the wall or battery operated. I recommend this more for a guy jsut because of the black and skull, but if your like down with the black and skull stuff as a woman, girl whatever  then it could be for you as well.

Retail Value: $54.95 Buy now

· Packaged with our most powerful 12-volt Bone Crusher bed shaker

· Pulsating flashing eyes and alert lights

· Hi/low dimmer switch in case you’re afraid

· Extra loud alarm, 113 decibels with adjustable tone & volume

· The Skull’s got your back with Battery backup

· One Year Sonic Alert blast proof warranty

· Dual power capability – 110 / 220 volts (requires optional transformer) · Dual time (12 / 24 hour)


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  1. I can not hook up my alarm to my mp3 or ipod! That is pretty cool. loriagalbraith at gmail dot com