Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Paper Shower

Paper Shower was invented by Dr. Jim Bahcall. One summer day while on his morning mountain bike ride before work, he stopped by a Starbucks® coffee shop for a cold drink. He was perspiring from his bike ride and before walking into Starbucks® he took out a moist towelette from his bike pack and proceeded to wipe his face, hands, arms and legs. Although the moist towelette was alcohol based (to dry quickly), Jim felt like he had just walked out of a shower without a towel to dry off. It was at that moment the thought came to him, why not include a dry towelette in combination with the moist towelette pack! Read more about Paper Shower.
moist and dry towelette
-and more
Christina's Voice:
This product is for people who need to freshen up when there is no water or soap near by. They have a clean smell to them one is wet and one is dry. They are to be applied only to the arms,neck hands,face and legs. There is not more 15% more fluid on the moist towelette. I will be using these product when I'm out on a bike ride and the sweat pours off my face, who wants to smell like sweat? not me. so these towelette will be perfect!

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6 pack $7.50
12 pack  $14.40
18 pack $20.70

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