Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: Cake Lingerie

Cake was born in 2008 when its founder; Tracey Montford yearned for beautiful lingerie during her pregnancy. All she could find was matronly, high cupped, uninspiring and unflattering product, which did nothing for her self esteem and pride, during this period of vulnerability Read more
Christina's Voice:
The bra from cake lingerie is very comfortable makes me feel secure and confident with the luxurious fit of this glamorous,delectable offering.This is the only stylish nursing bra i have seen online in a while. It has a soft cup for that snug fit. I notice there are 6 hooks in the back not three like most bra's.  Has easy drop down cups for fast breast feeding mode, we know when our babies are hungry they want to eat right then and there. You would wash this like any of your other bra's. Cold water and either in a laundry type bad or by hand.

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