Tuesday, November 29, 2011

review/ Bioken Enfanti

I recieved the Bioken Enfanti natural remedy scalpi and conditioner and some Hydrating Shampoo. The Scalpi is really cool to the scalp and you put it on before you shampoo, This promotes scalp conditions for hair growth, soothes and heals dry & itchy scalp, thickens hair and detoxifies hair and salp. The shampoo and and contioner is like any other shampoo and condtioner except it has more vitamin and way healthy for your hair. I have copied some helpful information about each product below.

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Enfanti Conditioner is fortified with a full supplement of vitamins and herbal extracts to strengthen hair and scalp. This lightweight conditioner instantly detangles, restores and smoothes hair while providing thermal and UV protection and true color retention. Its low pH closes the cuticle layer and seals in shine.
Green tea is highly regarded for its potent antioxidants and anti-aging properties and is known to help stimulate hair growth. Nettle provides a protective coating that strengthens the hair shaft and helps to repair chemically damaged hair while stimulating hair growth. Chamomile offers calming, cooling and soothing effects as well as anti-inflammatory benefits, while calendula increases hair shaft elasticity and flexibility to prevent breakage

Available in 8, 16, 32oz sizes, Enfanti Conditioner retails for $12.00, $20.00 and $32.00.

Enfanti Hydrating Shampoo is a special blend of organic herbal and therapeutic botanicals. It hydrates, rejuvenates and moisturizes hair with excellent antioxidant and antibiotic properties. This sulfate, paraben, DEA, and alcohol free formula provides extra gentle cleansing with superior moisturizing and color retention using Bioken’s exclusive Nano Color Care Technology.

Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed hair keratin (hydrolyzed human hair keratin), which is an exact match for the natural protein of hair, works to strengthen and rebuild hair to its natural state. Safflower seed oil offers regenerating and nourishing benefits, which acts as a lubricant on the skin surface, leaving a soft and smooth appearance. Glycerin performs as a humectant and hair-conditioning agent while panthenol enhances the appearance and feel of hair, by increasing body, suppleness, and sheen. A natural hydrating form of pro-vitamin B. Panthenol softens and strengths hair by filling in cracks on the hair shaft, which in turn helps to add body and keeps split ends from forming.
Available in 8 oz, 16oz, and 32oz sizes, Enfanti Hydrating Shampoo retails for $12.00, $20.00 and $32.00.

Enfanti Scalpi is a refreshing massage emulsion that provides gentle exfoliation of oxidized oils and dirt on the scalp. It purifies, stimulates and fortifies the scalp and hair with natural active ingredients such as ginseng, henna, horseradish and saponaria extracts. Scalpi detoxifies the hair and scalp and also soothes and heals dry, itchy skin. Specially formulated to emulsify residue, it nourishes hair and scalp with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, which helps to promote healthy hair growth.

Sebum, which is natural oil produced by glands in the skin, and cholesterol can build up, oxidize and harden, eventually clogging pores and hair follicles on the scalp. This blockage prevents hair from growing. A lack of circulation to the scalp can also contribute to hair loss. It weakens hair follicles and attracts the male hormone DHT, which is strongly linked to male pattern baldness.

The 8oz. bottle of Enfanti Scalpi retails for $20.00.

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