Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: Andean Dream product

In 2006 Ingrid traveled to Bolivia to locate the world’s finest quinoa. High in the Bolivian Andes she found Royal Quinoa, which is prized over other quinoa varieties for its high protein and amino acid content. She quickly established a business relationship with Andean Valley, Bolivia’s largest exporter of organic Royal Quinoa, whose programs help create sustainable family businesses for the indigenous farmers of Royal Quinoa

Christina's Voice:
I received spaghetti noodles, Macaroni pasta, Vegetarian noodle soup, Coconut and chocolate chip cookies.
All these products are Gluten &corn-free and Vagen. I am trying to stay healthy and this is the way to go. The cookies are really delicious. The pasta and noodles i couldn't tell a difference compare to the noodles i normally buy, so that's a good thing because these are much healthier.

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Andean Dream is located on Facebook
Andrean Dream is located on Twitter

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