Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Become" Shopping your way

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Our shoppers can also depend on Become.com’s product research engine for advice on what they’re shopping for online, from buying guides for LCD televisions to product reviews on baby strollers, as well as editorial tips for the hottest online deals and products for the season. Use our comparison shopping site to find your next purchase and give us your feedback on how to make our online shopping experience even better!

Christina's Voice:
As I'm browsing online websites getting ready for this black Friday event and shopping for Christmas. I came across this wonderful online discounted site called, www.become.com I just recently moved into my new place so I'm always looking for great deals and new things to hang on my wall and stuff. I noticed the leaf wall decor they have which is really nice because they have a large selection to choose from and the prices are very reasonable.

 Once moved i ended up leaving my king size bed at my old house because it had its days, wore out completely. So we just recently got a new queen size bed. We bought the mattress and box spring but didn't have a frame. Finally after a month of sleeping on the floor we found a new frame. but the bed seem much lower than usually i don't know if it was the fact that it was a queen bed or what but i had to start looking for some bed leg extenders and bed leg extensions and become was one of the places i seen that carried them. If you don't know what they are its where it lifts and extends your bed at the height and length you prefer. I am so thankful that i found this website that i can get all the product i am looking for, even name brand at a cheap price.

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