Friday, October 21, 2011

review: may23 online Tshirt

May 23 Online is dedicated to bring you new and fashionable clothing and accessories... from in house designed to shirts, select Alternative Apparel clothing, and more.
All graphic tees are silk screened by hand

Christina's Voice:
My husband recived his may23online t shirt and he absolutely loves the way it fits. The material is light weight and when we open the box it came with this little small monkey that i can't get my picture to even focus on it. but its super tiny and cute.The shirt is black/army green and has a gernade on the left side, which is much bigger in person than the picture they have online. This shirt is worth the buy.

Retail price: $20.00

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  1. I have and love this shirt! The material really is lightweight, but not flimsy like most lightweight T's. Grenade print is perfectly placed as well.