Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: FyrFlyz

FyrFlyz was created by i-Star Entertainment President Joel Rosenzweig and CEO Marty Abrams, who have been the driving force behind a number of successful product launches over the past 35 years including Magna Doodle, Micronauts (the precursor to Transformers), and Sky Dancers. The company has earned a reputation for identifying, creating and bringing to market some of the hottest and most innovative products for kids, tweens and teens.

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Christina's Voice:
These FyrFlyz are very neat but i can't get the hang of it for nothing. The only thing i can make it do is go in circles. Which my little one things im the shizzle because im maken it do that. haha but i can't do it. The age group is 8yrs and up. I guess its kinda like those yo-yo well, just the part where your doing tricks with it and all. Check out FyrFlyz trickgallery amazing. My husband can do like some flower power looking stuff but we just can't get the hang of it.  You play with these in the dark so you can see the nylon looking colors light up. and yes you can turn them on and off which is something i like because the battery wont die. even though i couldn't get the hang of it we did have fun.

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