Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: Tangle Creations

What is Tangle?
The Tangle Toy is not your traditional toy for children.  Tangles are based on the concept of infinity and continuous motion. This ‘magic in the motion’ that you feel when you play with a Tangle is truly therapeutic and calming to the soul!  Once you put a Tangle in your hand, you just can’t put it down!
A Tangle Toy is more than just a toy- it is twistable energy that enables a free flow of creativity from your mind. Technically, a Tangle is a series of 90-degree curves, connected and able to pivot at each joint. It has no beginning and no end--just continuous motion. People refer to the Tangle as “that fun, twisty thing!” because Tangles have endless uses and serve a variety of different purposes. It can be a puzzle, a movable sculpture, a desktop toy, a fidget, a brain tool, an anti-stress device, a teacher supply, or even a cosmic art toy with special powers! The possibilities are limitless! Click for tangle uses.


This unque,fun colorful product from Tangle had my two year playing with this hairy tangle toy for hours. You can Twist and Turn them. You can even collect them. As i look online i see that its the Tangle Jr. Hairy for only $6.99. I also recieved the baby's First ball ( blue and yellow) for only $4.99. My baby boy is 4months so he has two more months to go and he can play with this. It's recommended for ages 6months and up.Baby's first ball is made from something called TPR rubber (thermal plastic rubber) that is non-toxic, latex free, and phthalate free which makes it a very safe toy for your children to play with. I see that this product is great for teething babies  and encourages spatial development and interaction. Develops hand-eye coordination! Make sure you check out other Tangle Toys.

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