Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Product Review: Pain relieving Gel

Stopain is a product with a highly loyal customer base and strong history of success. The brand was established in 1991, when the product was developed by a pharmacist in Southern California.Stopain, the #1 selling spray and roll-on in the topical analgesics category. Recommended by doctors and pharmacists for its immediate and long-lasting pain relief, Stopain provides temporary relief for minor muscle/back and joint pains.

Christina's Voice:
Stopain Cold, pain relieving Gel is really long lasting. I have allot of back pain since i had my kids, and this stuff is amazing it really does work. It is fast acting, long lasting and i love that its pharmacist recommended. Which I'm a huge fan of the smell menthol but in this product there is only 6% so its not really that strong.It didn't take much gel to come out the tube it really spread  fast and didn't take much. I really see where they put the word Cold in the stopain COLD gel, because once its on man a breeze hit your back and its kinda chilly. I love this product and you can buy today for  retail value $5.99.

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