Friday, August 19, 2011

Product Review: Berries & chocolate mix AND milk chocolate rainbow drops

SunRidge Farms is a true innovator in organic and natural bulk and packaged nuts & seeds, dried fruit, candies, and snack & trail mixes. Our commitment to natural ingredient development means nutritional products that are free of unhealthy refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, artificial colorings, and preservatives. Within each of our snack categories we offer a wide variety of naturally flavorful ingredients to satisfy every taste. Read more

SunRidge Farms Berries and Chocolate Antioxidant Trail Mix- Packed with protein, fiber, and a hearty helping of the immune system boosting antioxidants Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, lycopene, and beta carotene, Berries and Chocolate Antioxidant Mix is non-GMO and 100 percent vegetarian. All natural, without artificial flavorings and preservatives, the mix includes a hand-selected blend of sun-ripened blueberries, dark chocolate stars, freshly roasted almonds, walnuts, cranberries, cherries, cashews and peanuts

My daughter and I enjoyed these berries and chocolates mix. The great thing about them they have Antioxidants in them to prevent you from common colds. Each bite you get a little bit of this and a little bit of that.( nuts and chocolate and raisins) I like to eat them by little hands fulls, while my daughter picks out the the raisins.

SunRidge’s new Milk Chocolate Rainbow Drops - An industry first, all natural Milk Chocolate Rainbow Drops are packed in SunRidge Farms solar powered facility, the new addition features natural premium quality chocolate with real vanilla in a cane sugar shell. Rainbow drops come in seven colors each derived from vegetable juice, rather than food dye and titanium dioxide, which are commonly artificial and potentially carcinogenic. Great for kids with food dye allergies!

These remind me of M&M's but they more rich. They are made from real vanilla in a cane sugar shell. so they are great with kids who have problems with food dye allergies. and again this is another product good to eat by hands full.  Great for all year round, day or night. Retail Value $ 4.15 each


  1. Sounds Yummy :)esp for a choclate lover like myself:) New follower on GFC and Twitter. Would love a Twitter Follow back too :) Ah Yes !! very pretty blog design ... love the sparkly butterflies :)

  2. i want this produtcs in my country too.
    i love rainbow drops and this are the best because : all are natural, without artificial flavorings and preservatives