Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Product Review: Velecta Paramount Paris TGR 4000i blow dryer

Flat Iron Experts in an only beaty shop. If you haven't seen my previous post on the flatiron or Macadamia, then you should go take a look. This amazing website offers anything for your hair.With guaranteed low prices, and free shipping over $50.00.

Christina's Voice
This amazing hairdryer is one of the top three hair dryers in the world right now. Its amazing it has everything you need in a top of the line hair dryer. This thing blows 80MPH yes 80. Which means your spending less time drying your hair. Which actually has a button for 2 different types of speeds. It came with 2 extra nozzles that you can use to help style your hair. Has a cold shot switch as well, to give your hair that ultra-ment shine. This is consider the ION function which adds softness,sheen and moisture while eliminating static and frizz. which really does work. there is nothing at all that I dislike about this hair dryer. I'm still out of words on how amazing this product really is. I didn't know something so little could do so much to your hair.. could it really get better than this???

  • 1875 Watts, compact and powerful blow dryer
  • Built-in Ionic Generator eliminates static and creates ultimate shine
  • Far Infra Red Heat
  • Ceramic Technology
  • Weighs 18.34 oz, 520 gram
  • 2 heat settings, 2 speed settings, plus cool shot button
  • Extremely powerful airflow – 80 mph
  • Huge airflow - 86 m3/h
  • Packaged with two nozzles for extra styling versatility
  • Embedded handle switches
  • Ergonomic patented handle
  • Extra-long 14-foot durable power cord
  • Long life Professional AC motor
  • An extremely powerful airflow will significantly cut down drying time, allowing the stylist to serve more customers.
  • High ionic output will eliminate static and create unsurpassed shine.
  • Balanced ergonomic design feels “gyroscopic” and allows the hairstylist to move freely and assume a more comfortable stance.
  • Voltage AC 110V 60Hz for use in USA/Canada
  • 6 month limited warranty
  • Made in France

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