Saturday, July 30, 2011

Product Review: pocket Purifier

Who needs a pocket purifier?
Do you ever... put your purse on the movie theater floor? Jump on the elliptical at the gym? Grocery shop in flu season? Slice raw chicken on your cutting board? Use the computer everyone has access to? Carpool kids? Throw half-eaten snacks back in your backpack? Use an airplane bathroom? Lay a gym bag on a locker room floor? Pick up the baby's pacifier off the ground? Use a hotel remote control? Let someone use your cell phone? Read more

Christina's Voice:
I received the pink pocket purifier. This product is made to protect myself, family, and friends. It takes four AA batteries which are not included. My little girl was running a virus not to long ago and plus i just brought home a newborn, So of course I'm on top of those germs. I used this around doors and toilet handles.and much more.This is made to put into your pocket so its not heavy at all and not that big. This product has the same germicidal ultraviolet light tech that is found in hospitals use to sterilize surgical instruments. It has a built in UV-C bulb.To view other products. Yes i would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to stay germ and bacteria free.

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