Friday, July 1, 2011

Get Closer, Go Bare! air-free baby bottle

I recently had a premature baby boy who was born 10wks early. I wasn't planning on breast feeding at all, until he was early and i wanted what was best for him. To be able to help out puts a smile on my face. With him being in the hospital and me being at home. I still dont know if i want the skin on skin baby on the boob thing going on. I recently became aware of a new product that i think is very innovative and will change how we use bottles. Designed by moms BARE is a revolutionary new baby bottle that truly prevents gas and air. Designed to work just like a mother’s breast, BARE trains baby proper latching and self-feeding, prevents bacteria, simplifies cleaning.
Take a moment to look a this chart to see how the innovative BARE bottle compares to other bottles and nursing. I think you will be very impressed.

BARE™ Air-Free Bottle:
  • Prevents gas and air ingestion with syringe-like dispensing technology
  • Teaches baby properly latching with expanding nipple that mimics the movement of natural breast
  • Eliminates “lazy” and comfort feeding with natural, slower flow and characteristics that mimic breastfeeding
  • Simplifies bottle maintenance with snap-on one-piece nipple and collar and dishwasher-safe parts
  • Prevents bacteria by minimizing backwash
  • Promotes self-feeding by allowing baby to drink from any position
  • Supports your values by being made in the USA, BPA, PVC, Lead & Phthalate free and supporting green corporate initiatives
What is BARE? It is the first to market baby bottle that mimics mother’s breast entirely–not just the nipple– from shapes & texture to movement, storage and delivery of milk. It features 2 unique patented technologies to produce a truly breast-like nursing experience 100% air-free and without vents. Stay tuned, let me show you!!

How does it Work?
Lobes in a breast dispense milk 100% air-free and upon suction only. When I thought about creating a baby bottle that dispensed milk 100% air-free and upon suction only, I had to think beyond air-vents. BARE air-free baby bottle, works similar to a syringe for a 100% air-free environment. Two patented technologies makes BARE a game changer in the baby feeding category.
  • Perfect-latch™ nipple stretches 2x upon suckling like the breast
  • Trains baby proper latch to aid stop mom’s sore or cracked nipples
  • Dispenses fluids upon suction only
  • Baby’s suckling strength controls flow rate, there’s no need for nipple stages
  • Air-plug™ keeps contents 100% air-free to eliminate gas, fuss, colic & discomfort
  • Maximizes nutrient retention because it maintains a 100% air-free environment
  • Minimizes baby backwash into the bottle and bacteria-growth keeping milk fresher and healthier
  • Because BARE works with suction (as supposed to gravity) it allows baby to feed in any position, this supports development of self-feeding for faster and more successful weaning

I am very excited to be able to share the BARE bottle with you but wish that I could tell you that you could rush out to the store and buy it right now. Unfortunately the BARE bottle isn't available until December 2011. This is where we need your help!!

Why does BARE need you?
First production is happening in June-July-August, we'll go thru lab tests, clinical trials, consumer testing in September-October and begin pre-distribution in January (small quantity) with retailers (relationship already stablished). We have received enormous help from friends and family that, like you, believe this product is amazing but we still need your help to make it a reality.
Hopefully if you see the amazing potential of this bottle you will take the time to visit their kickstarter site and consider making a Pledge to help make this project possible! Pledges can be as little as $1 to help a mom bring moms like me a bottle that truly can change how bottles are used.

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