Monday, June 13, 2011

Product Review: Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner

Today, over 3 million dollars have been spent to prove the safety and efficacy claims of Simple Green. Sunshine Makers, Inc. has its headquarters in Huntington Beach, California, with satellite offices all over the world. Simple Green is manufactured in Garden Grove, California - Lawrenceville, Georgia - Rydalmere, Australia and Zurich, Switzerland. The Simple Green family of products has expanded to encompass consumer and industrial product lines. Original Simple Green and the entire family of Simple Green products are now a part of everyday life in millions of homes, commercial and industrial sites, not only in the United States but all over the world.

Simple Green all purpose cleaner is yet another great product that i have tried out. I love the fact that you can use this product on pretty much anything. With my wild two year old running around and a preemie in the NICU i use this product allot. I am either wiping off doors and cabinets from fingerprints, so wiping off toys for the baby.This product comes in a concentrated bottle that you have to add some water to dilute it down so its not so strong. of course,Which in the long run can save you money because this 32fl ounce bottle of cleaner can make up to 7 gallons of  general cleaner and  by the picture you can tell i love this product i have used it on everything. I can use this product around my kids because its non-toxic and biodegradable. Simple green removes, grease,oil,carbon, dirt, pet stains, coffee, juice stains,lipstick,food, soil, wet nail polish, soap scum, inks, crayon,blood,smoke,soot,adhesives,chocolate, and much More. The dilution bottle that comes with the cleaner is a 32fl oz spray bottle and has on there where to feel the cleaner to and how much water to put int he bottle as well. which for me anything so simple as this to follow is a plus in my book. I have found myself going greener by the day with all these simple green products that i have simply fell in love with.

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