Friday, June 24, 2011

Product Review: Artisana

Premier Organics... the makers of Artisana, is a small organic food company trying to make a big difference. We make and create living and organic butters and spreads with the most careful attention to detail and quality. Our goals and ideas are much bigger than just organic food. We are devoted to sustainable living and through our community we support the organic and living foods movement, the Earth and her forests. We try to buy our foods as close to the farmer as possible. In many cases we are able to buy straight from the organic farmers.    It' s a choice.    It' s how we operate.    It is how we live our lives.  Creating unique, delicious, healthy, gourmet food is a work of passion for us, blending together nuts and seeds like the vibrant colors of an artist’s palette.  Handmade with care, our organic live foods are crafted using a special low heat process that always preserves the life-essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes.
There are great moments in life when you are refreshed and delighted by an old love--when a old song finds its way back into your modern taste and you find yourself touched with a new appreciation and grasp of its beauty. Everyone knows the beauty and wonder of Coconut:

Enjoy the sweet flavor of fresh, RAW almond butter. Experience the delightful texture and clean aroma of Artisana truly raw, uniquely energizing purée. Artisana Raw Organic Almond butter is an excellent source of protein and is high in Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol), and Manganese. It's also a good source of Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper, Riboflavin. Artisana  Raw Organic Almond Butter is a healthy way to get protein. Add to fruit shakes, cereal, confections or eat it right out of the jar… sublime!
I added MixMyGranola and Almond Butter into my oats for a wonderful combination. I loved that the almond butter was not too sweet and had a natural almond taste.

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  1. Mmmmmm. I love raw nut butters. I am their newest FB liker and told them where I heard about them:

    Thanks for introducing me to this company. I will keep an eye out for their products.