Friday, June 24, 2011

Buzz: Eden fantasys- massage oil

                                massage oil by Eden fantasy's

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Better sex essentials massage oil

Christina's Voice:
                           This product is something all women should have. So that you get your husband a little closer each night. We could all use a little massage every now and then as well. This product has a little aloe smell to it. very light oil, it doesn't come out or seem thick as most oil that i have used in the past. This oil does not evaporate into skin, so once you apply it, you don't have to keep adding more.Retail price $ 11.99. I love this product. You can even add a little to your bath water and it really helps me relax. Nothing like getting off work and getting a massage with some good essential massage oils. Its long lasting so it doesn't dry up, takes very little so you don't have to waist the whole bottle. This product is unscented so you can also use during intercourse. I did find out something new while doing research on this product. That oil breaks down latex so its not good to use with condoms. So its always good to do a little research before purchasing or trying something new.
• No preservatives, chemicals or perfumes
• No sticky residue
• Washes off with soap and water
• 4 oz. pop-top bottle

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  1. This stuff sounds like it could really work some magic! Hey! I would like the massage instead!