Monday, May 9, 2011

Product Review: Scratch Me Not

ScratchMeNots provide a protective layer between childrens' skin and tiny fingers,for those suffering from eczema, psoriasis,chicken pox, poison ivy,burns, chronic or constant itching and more! ScratchMeNot tinies and tots are mitten cleaves,created from a passion for preventing children's from constantly damaging their skin by scratching. These products were specifically designed with the added flexibility to be worn all day, or whenever scratching is more prevalent. To learn more about the co and product click here.

I received one Blue ScratchMeNot for my little boy who will be here in August or sooner. For only $16.95 you can own one to. Click here to purchase the Ocean color ScratchMeNot. You know how little infants go straight to touching there precious face when born, and there nails grow fast. Sometimes its hard to keep up with trimming there nails. So these ScratchMeNots are perfect. Which as it states above the ScratchMeNot are used for other things as well.They are also available in different colors and styles. Click here to see more colors/styles. When these are ready to wash you just pop them in a normal wash, no need to add bleach or stain remover. and simple put them to tumble to dry. Or you could hang dry them and hand wash them with cold water. I recommend this product to any mother who has a child who likes to reach for his face or body to itch =) its a must have when i go to the hospital.

10 reasons Parents love our scratchmenot:
  1. Little scratching fingers can no longer scar the skin.
  2. reduce or eliminates the habit of thumb sucking
  3. gives previously damaged skin time to heal.
  4. A great alternative to traditional mittens which babies cannot easily pull or rub off
  5. scratchmenots are made in the USA
  6. scratchmenot flip mittens open providing children with plenty of hand free time
  7. since scratchmenot open and close, parents can easily stop little fingers anytime of day
  8. can be worn over or under their cute outfits
  9. parents can now relax knowing there scar themselves
  • kids love the fun colors and prints.
  • Do you have Questions or concern? Contact ScratchMeNot
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I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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