Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Product Review: Paci Pillows

PaciPillow won't force the pacifier into the baby's mouth and the baby can remove the pacifier at anytime.  Pacifier stays out of the baby's mouth until they are ready to retrieve it.Works great in car-seats by gently tucking the PaciPillow between your baby and the seatbelt restraint.
Other great ways to use PaciPillow:Works great by tucking the lower half of the PaciPillow into the swaddling blanket wrapped around your baby or tucking it into their onesie outfit.  Simply leave the end that holds the pacifier sticking out so it's reachable by your baby's mouth.  This enables your baby to retrieve the binky at any time even if it falls out of their mouth. to learn more about paci pillows Click here.
I received two PaciPillows for my little boy who is due in August. I can't wait to see how these work. Looking at other review and pictures its looks like they really help the baby, and very neat idea.With my little girl she had a hard time keeping her Paci in her mouth, so with this product it will help out allot.Which is doesn't force the pacifier in the mouth. It simply holds the pacifier near the baby's mouth so they can grab it at anytime.


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  • Frees up parents hands to do other things
  • No more holding the pacifier in your baby's mouth!
  • Pacifier remains in your baby's field of vision when not in use; unlike traditional
  • pacifier holders that dangle to the side.
  1. Is this the product for you? Click here to purchase 
  2. Retail price 18.99 for a 3pack Free shipping
  3. Questions or concern? info@pacipillow.com

I received this product for the purpose of this review. Thank you.


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  3. Wish I had found this before lol all my kids are not using paci anymore, but i would really loved to try it.