Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Product Review: Canvas for life

                               Canvas 4 Life


Canvas4life helps make moments last a life time. This is my family of three. I absolutely love this canvas. Canvas4you did a great job. I got to design this canvas online get a preview and then ordered it. The quality of this product is amazing. I can't stop looking at this canvas.. I haven't decided where to hang it yet. Now that i have this i want to order more. Its amazing it really is. I couldn't believe how fast the product got here either, once i ordered it.It seem to take about one week.maybe a week and half, but the point is i thought for sure it take 6-8weeks because its picture being put on a canvas but i was wrong. This would be a great father's day present. or any holiday for that matter.

Step by steps:
  1. You upload a good photo: which will be ran through the online quality detector.
  2. Customize your photo in real-time: online has a unique canvas printing printing system, which lets you choose style and size.
  3. Place your order and your DONE: of course once you are happy with the style then you place your order
Its EASY AS 1...2...3....
This company has unbeatable prices. ( so you get your money's worth and save all at once)

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