Thursday, May 19, 2011

Product Review AlternaVites

Can’t swallow vitamin pills? Now you don’t have to. AlternaVites is the multivitamin & mineral designed specially for those who have difficulty swallowing pills. AlternaVites contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals in a new crystal powder form that melts in your mouth. To learn more Click here

I have never been able to swallow but pills, and better yet any pills. Now that I'm pregnant they give you those horse prenatal pills that i hate taking every single day. This multivitamin and mineral in one is perfect for people like me. Doesn't make taking my multivitamin medicine a challenge to take everyday.The berry taste is great to. You can get 30 packs for 29.99 that's like one dollar a pill! great deal! Click here to purchase.

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I received this a sample of this product from Smile*ly for the purpose of this review,Thank you =)


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