Thursday, April 14, 2011

Product Review:Oliver Kita Chocolate

Oliver Kita Fine Catering and Fine Confections is open on Route 9, Astor Square, in Rhinebeck, offering a collection of delectable chocolates and confections (845-876-2665). It is no surprise Kita opened his exciting new chocolatierie in the Hudson Valley: he is past owner of Heaven in Woodstock, and has been the proprietor of Oliver Kita Fine Catering since 1996, affiliated with nine historic sites in the Valley. “Our local artisan farms in Duchess, Ulster and Columbia counties create incredibly fresh product—why look any further than in your own backyard valley to complement chocolate?” said Kita.
The boutique is set up so that visitors can also see Kita hand finishing the chocolates and confections, or preparing for a festive catering occasion at a nearby historic site or private estate. Please call ahead to confirm days and hours open. To learn more about Oliver Kita click here.

The 16-piece box of chocolates from Oliver Kita studio collection was great. They all had different type of texture and a truffle like center filling. The colors amazed me. I mean I have never seen Gold chocolate.Want to taste the true flavor of the chocolate its best to have them at room temperature.If your not ready to eat them you can freeze them up to 3months, wrapped tightly in a zip lock bag. When ready to eat allow them to thaw out. Oliver Kita is a product that are all natural and free of preservatives. When you take a bite its like your entering a whole new world. With me being 6months pregnant didn't help the fact of that either. Like fine perfume, fine chocolate is an experience to be appreciated everyday.

The Different types of collections:
  • Studio
  • Inspiring
  • rejuvenating
  • satisfying
  • soothing
  • comforting
  • fashion
  • spiritual
The work for each holiday:
-New Years
-Valentines Day
-Mothers Day

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I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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