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Product Review: Simple Green

Our Product Family- Simple Green

For more than 35 years, Simple Green® has been producing environmentally friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Our current product line includes more than 20 different cutting-edge cleaning products for home and professional use. We are committed to doing our part to protect the planet — and will continue to develop new and innovative products that are responsible choices for the many generations to come. To learn more about the history of Simple Green click me. 

If your “pet peeve” is pet stains & odors, then you need Simple Green Pet Stain & Odor Remover
         NEW Simple Green Pet Stain & Odor Remover for Dog messes… with Fresh Bond® Odor Eliminating Technology. Non-toxic and biodegradable, Simple Green Pet Stain & Odor Remover is People, Pet & Surface safe! Its supreme formulation outperforms other leading brands and Fresh Bond Technology eliminates odors permanently - no re soiling or remarking. It’s perfect for use on those places where stinky pet odors build up and on the “accidents” they have. It can be used as a spot treatment (spray directly on soiled/stained spot) and then used in extraction machines (pour directly into reservoir) for cleaning larger carpeted areas. Simple Green Pet Stain & Odor Remover has a wonderful scent that will leave your home smelling clean and fresh, and best of all… it will help you love your dog again, while your home maintains its fresh, clean appearance.



I got two huge 32 fl. oz bottles oh Simple Green Bio Dog, bio active stain & odor remover. I do have all hardwood floors, with a bunch of throw rugs everywhere. I usually have to take the whole rug out side and wash it down. My chihuahua dog named Precious just is really stubborn, she wants to go in my little girls room and use her new rug all the time. She is potty trained but i think the old age is getting to her. I also have a boxer who coughs up random things, we wont go into details but i blame my two year old daughter on that one, she feeds him anything and everything. But i found this random spot underneath my dinning room table. I think its probably been there for month.( i know eww right) well i got me out a sponge and a couple of sprays let it sit for a few seconds and bam it came right up i was very impressed. I started to look for more spots after that. I really just fell in love with this product.. when i run out i will be buying some more that's for sure. The smell is good to.. I can't really make out the smell but it doesn't stink at all.

Where to Use

Carpets, rugs, upholstery*, pet bedding, litter boxes, crates & carriers, tile, finished wood, laminates, concrete, clothing*, curtains & drapes*, auto carpet & upholstery*, sleeping bags, anywhere pet soils and stains occur!

**Do not apply to silk, velvet or leather.**

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  1. I like the Simple Green Bio Pet products not only because I have two dogs who occasionally poop and pee and puke in the house but also because it is green!

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  4. i have used simple grenn before for cleaning always been happy with the results

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