Friday, April 22, 2011

Product review: Libman Spray Mop

Don´t let expensive disposable cleaning pads, costly chemical refills or dead batteries get in the way of you and clean floors. Freedom Spray Mop lets you get down to business, cleaning your floors the best way possible. Your way.
  • Free from Disposable Pads
  • Free to choose a cleaning solution
  • Free from batteries
Great for all these Surfaces:
  1. wood and laminate
  2. Vinyl and Linoleum
  3. ceramic Tile
  4. Marble
  5. Stone

When i received my Libman freedom spray mop, I couldn't help but to open the box and start mopping my hardwood floors. The plus about this product that i do like is i don't have to buy those disposable pads or cloths. I get to use any solution for my floors. It has three easy steps. Remove bottle, Refill with your own solution and then re-insert the bottle and your ready to go.It came put together so there was no screws, that's a another plus.It came with one pad on it and one extra so when one is in the washer. its not just a cloth pad, It has these scrubbing lines ( in the green) So it kinda scrubs while polishing. I love my Libman freedom mop.

--Freedom to choose your cleaning solution.
--Freedom from endless costly pads.
--Freedom from heavy, messy buckets. Just grab and go!

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I received this Libman spray mop free of charge for the purpose of this review. 

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