Saturday, April 23, 2011

Product review: Children's Claritin allergy

                           Children's Claritin Allergy 
is a Non-Drowsy 24 hour relief of:
Its for indoor outdoor allergies.

I received this product from to review on my 2yr old little girl who is seeking allergy problems. I only notice them when spring time is right around the corner. So they sent me this 2oz bottle of Children's Claritin Grape Syrup and coupons to hand out to my readers and friends. I notice that my little girl was sneezing allot. i had gave her cough and cold because i don't want her getting sick on me. or making matters worst and it turn to something bad. So i gave her 1 teaspoon and i swear to you this child didn't sneeze for the rest of the day. I think it was the claritin.. Its very strong and powerful. I will continue to use this product until i see that its not helping her anymore.

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I received this product from  with my honest, hype-free opinion. for the purpose of this review.

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