Friday, November 4, 2011

Buzz Eden Fantasys

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Body paint that you can EAT!

Christina's Voice:
Who likes to draw,color or paint? Well i do.. Why not bring it to the bedroom and have a little bit more fun. This adult paint box is from Topco. The kit includes four different colors. Red, White, Blue and yellow paints. One paint brush and a stencil that has stars and hearts on it just in case you need a little help on painting.These main colors you can use your ideas and use the body as an canvas.Even though i wish there was more colors.The fun and tastey part about this product is its edible, once you draw color or act crazy you can just lick it right off. Dont forget to look at the SEX TOYS to go along with your body paint. I would recommend this product to anyone who is down to have a little fun or spice up the bedroom.

 Retail Value $13.99
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